> "Why Does America Prize Creativity and Innovation: The Government," Zocalo Public Square, November 2015

"For These Urban Mechanics, City Hall is a Place to Experiment," Next City, March 2013

> "MIT Imagines a more Data-Driven Boston," Bostinno, November 2012

Reporter, Technical.Ly


Policy Writing + Reports

> “Power and the Urban Informal Economy,” Energy for Growth HUb

> "More than a LightBULB," Center for Global Development (Video)

"Electrical Grid + Africa: A Perspective on What's Missing," The Energy Collective

> ARCHIVE of Policy Writing, Breakthrough Institute

> "Where Good Technologies Come From: Case studies in American Innovation," Breakthrough Institute

> "RisiNG TIGERS, Sleeping Giant: Asian Nations Set to Dominate Clean Energy Race By OUT-INVESTING US," Breakthrough Institute



e4Dev @ The Energy Collective, Founding Editor

> Breakthrough Journal, Issues 1 and 2