Hi. I'm Yael - a PhD candidate and research scientist at ETH Zurich, with homes in the Development Economics Group and the Institute for Science, Technology, and Policy. Before this, I was a researcher and instructor at MIT, where I developed and co-instructed a graduate-level course on planning and policy for energy access in developing countries. I also worked with researchers at ETH Zurich on a randomized controlled trial studying the impact of solar lights in Western Kenya. I have a dual master’s in Urban Studies and Planning and in Technology and Policy from MIT, where I studied electrification planning in countries where people lack access to electricity. I have a love/hate relationship with GIS, but think a thoughtful map (especially in .gif form) can help tell important stories that influence policy. 

Before MIT, I reported on Philadelphia’s technology community for Technical.ly and did a whole bunch of things at the Breakthrough Institute, including helping to start the Breakthrough Journal.

I can't say no to a cup of coffee, a scoop of ice cream, or an adventure on a brilliant, sunny day. 

Send me a note if you have questions or ideas you want to talk about.